Many people now opt to travel by air

The travel and tourism industry in India is booming at an enormous pace. Today, Indians not just plan one single vacation at the end of the year. Western influences have greatly shaped our holidaying and vacationing culture. People look forward to plan mini vacations every three months and explore new, quaint towns of the country. The north-east is one region that has witnessed a tremendous surge in tourist activity in the recent years. Places like Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan offer a mesmerising stay experience at affordable prices. Apart from this region, Indians also travel to various other places in the North and south of India.

Travelling by train is no doubt preferred by most Indians as it is not just cheap but also safe. However, it can be a tedious journey if you have less number to days for your vacation. The last thing you would want is to spend more days travelling than vacationing. Hence, many people now opt to travel by air when it comes to making small trips in the country. Air fares have drastically dropped in the past few years and this has attracted a major percentage of rail travellers towards air routes. Competition has increased drastically in the domestic air travel industry and this has forced all the flyers to cut down on the rates of air travel to gain market share. Cheap air fares are no more a distant dream. Today, you can get a Delhi-Bangalore flight ticket for as low as two thousand rupees if you book in advance. Additionally, if you book your flight ticket online, you are bound to get a good rebate on your air ticket. Most tier A and tier B cities in India have well developed airports that facilitate air traffic movement. Unlike in the olden days, when flight journeys were only a rich man’s thing, today most upper middle class as well as lower-middle class opt for air travel.

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