Airline Bookings FAQ

Q 1 : What is a Paper Ticket?
A:: If you have a paper ticket and decide to cancel your flight, you need to mail your paper ticket back to us within 48 hours of your cancellation request so we can get it endorsed by the airline.

Q 2 : What is an Itinerary change?
A:: An amendment is a fancy word for a change in your travel plan. You can change the date or time (or both) of your travel; you cannot, however, change the sector(s) on which you’re already booked. For example, if you’re booked on a flight from Mumbai to New Delhi, you can’t change your destination to Goa.

Q 3 : How can I pay for my purchase?
A:: We accept the following modes of payment for all purchases - credit card, direct debit and mcheck

Q 4 : What age is considered a Child?
A:: Ages of accompanying children must be between 2-11years.

Q 5 : What is an E-ticket?
A:: An e-Ticket (electronic ticket) is a number given to passenger in place of a paper ticket. Passengers are required to show this unique confirmation number at the airline counter of airport to get boarding card. The passenger also has the option to carry airline PNR (passenger name record) number if the reservation has been processed electronically.